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New site of the Moscow metro

A few days ago the Moscow metro website was updated, mosmetro.ru

The site is made on Silverlight 4, and this is the main file, judging by the angry comments in the developer's blog, for example:
> It will not work correctly. Never. Because SL. Point.

Furious linuksoidy shout that under the moonlight it does not work, to which I may not be surprised.
But, by and large, the file is not here because of silverlight, but because of the terrible curvature of the site.
so, mosmetro.ru you dropped, all ran on ifabrika.ru - developer site

Comment from travel.ru
Extremely inconvenient and the internal scroll bar, which is difficult to distinguish from the usual browser bar, the latter on the new site does not work. Another problem is a long download when opening any pages, accompanied by a change of background images and other visual effects that do not help the user to get the required information.

The navigation of the new site is no better. First, the key links (line layout, fare) are hidden on the bottom of the page and many users who use small screens are simply not visible. Worse, these links are constantly changing places, so getting used to their location is impossible in principle.

True, some of the secondary links are still in the visible part of the page, but they are extremely ineptly organized. In particular, the metro lines are marked with numbers - at that time, as most passengers know the lines as Sokolnicheskaya or Koltsevaya, and that is what they are called in advertisements for cars and stations in the metro itself. Other links suffer from the same drawback - they are made in the form of icons, rather than verbal inscriptions, and in order to understand where they lead and find the right one, you have to move the cursor over all the pictures in a row. Icons are often obscure - for example, a link with a picture of coins leads not to a certificate of tariffs, but to information about purchases.

Thus, the usual navigation system on the site is not at all. The “Passengers” and “Journalists” sections in the corner of the page, in which the main part of the links are already in a verbal form, facilitate the life a little. But in the subsections, problems arise again due to the principles of site construction that are unsuitable for a transport enterprise - especially small frames in which you have to read any information. As on the old site, it is impossible to just look at the metro map - you have to load a heavy, interactive version for a long time, which can count the travel time between stations.

In general, at first glance the site began to look more attractive, but this is practically the only merit of the new version: working with a resource and finding information has become an order of magnitude more difficult. Unfortunately, many Russian web developers do not look at their product at all from the user's point of view, seeking only to create a beautiful picture for the customer. A few months earlier, the same metamorphosis occurred with the Aeroflot website, the developers of which confused the resource of the transport company with a fashionable iPhone device. As a result, passengers have become much more difficult to obtain information and book tickets.

And I agree with this, because I myself was puzzled by the navigation on the site. It does not exist at all o_O.
If you click on the link inside the site, and then click Back in the browser - the previous page will be shown, google.com for example.

Finding something on the site is top of the art of telepathy.
And so these running icons!
In general, the developers have lowered the reputation of not the most popular Silverlight even lower.

Well at least the old version was left, moving it to the old subdomain.

PS For those who do not have SL4, a screenshot of the site
PPS for bad readers - the old version of the site works at old.mosmetro.ru

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105797/

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