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Two tickets for LeWeb

We are announcing a competition for the best Russian startup that will go to Paris to represent Russia at LeWeb 2010 , the largest European conference on web technologies.

Any project with international ambitions can take part in the selection - just fill in the form on our website .

We will select a few finalists, potentially the most interesting European audience. All of them will be invited on October 23 to RIW-10 , where the competition itself will be held - a jury of independent experts will select the best project. Awarding and delivery of tickets will be held there, at the end of the day.
Applications for participation in the competition are accepted until October 17 inclusive.

Keep in mind that for a trip to Paris you will need a valid passport and will not interfere with knowledge of French or English. We will pay for the flight and participation in the conference for two persons.

LeWeb - the largest European conference dedicated to Internet projects. It takes place every December, starting in 2006, in the suburbs of Paris. Last year, the number of guests amounted to 2500 people, including dozens of leading experts from around the world. Russia was then represented by Alexander Galitsky (Almaz Capital), Arkady Volozh (Yandex), Bernard Luke (Ozon.ru) and Eduard Shenderovich (Kite Ventures).

Dmitry Gorshkov, the Task.ly project manager , was among the representatives of the Russian Internet business;

This year, the cloud platform Hivext , which won the Softline competition , has already announced its participation in the conference.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105793/

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