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Pure HTML air combat

I hesitated for a long time where to refer this post, I decided that it was his place in the “abnormal programming”.
Air battle

Recently, everyone has been so delighted with the new features of browsers that they are writing game after game on HTML5 / CSS / JavaScript. This is all boring. Yesterday, before going to bed, I was thinking about playing on pure HTML (even without CSS), and today, while I was going to Samara, at 404fest, I wrote it on the sly.

Meet the Pure HTML Air Fight . Written in pure HTML, without the use of JavaScript, CSS and server logic. On the server, only the script controlling the entered URL and starting the game is processed if the URL is erroneous.

The task is classic - to get into a flying airplane, at the bottom there is a button that launches a rocket. The speed of the aircraft and the delay varies (in fact, they are strictly dependent on the moment of launch of the rocket, I have pure HTML, no randomness).
By the way, the game has a background sound when it hits the plane.

PS it seems, because of a habraeffekt at me the server lays down.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105792/

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