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Is Microsoft going to buy Adobe?

Today, the authoritative publication The New York Times reported that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer met with Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen. The meeting in question was held at the central office of Adobe in San Francisco. The meeting, according to The New York Times, lasted more than an hour, and among the topics discussed by the leaders of these companies was the question of the possible purchase of Adobe by Microsoft.

The journalists of The New York Times, in their own words, learned about all this from employees of both companies, plus consultants who were involved in discussing the above issues. Interestingly, immediately after the appearance of the information about the meeting of Ballmer and Narayen, the shares of Adobe Systems on the stock exchange rose by 17% - to $ 28.69 (and now, possibly, higher). Immediately, shares climbed 11%, and a little later, another 6%.

It is worth noting that the shares of this company since the beginning of this year have fallen in price by as much as 22%.

The heads of the companies also discussed the possibility of successful competition in the multimedia market with the Apple corporation - the Microsoft-Adobe consortium is nevertheless easier to do this than individually. All this was discussed against the background of problems with the transfer of Flash technology to the mobile platform from Apple. Despite the legal resolution of this problem, the issue has not been technically solved yet.

Interestingly, almost immediately after the publication of news of the Microsoft and Adobe management meeting, many sources from both companies began to argue that the rumors of a possible merger are only rumors, under which there are no real facts. The information provided by The New York Times was questioned, for example, the CNET publication stated that “meetings of this level with discussions on such problems usually take place in private jets and remote offices, and not at the headquarters of one of the companies.” Well, such a thought really has a rational kernel in its basis.

It is a pity that there is no exact information yet - although the same publication, The New York Times, quite confidently stated that these problems were discussed, including the possible friendly takeover by Adobe by Microsoft.

Well, Adobe shares are growing, rumors are multiplying, and we are waiting for official confirmation or denial of the news. And what do you think, is such a deal possible?

Sources: NYT , CNET

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