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Bjarn Straustrup at a conference in Moscow

Bjorn The author of C ++, one of the ideologists of the object-oriented programming paradigm, and simply say Bjarne Straustrup - will come to Moscow for the first time (?) To the conference "Software Development 2010" , where he will take part as one of the keynote speakers. The conference will be held from 11 to 15 October 2010.
For many programmers, his books The C ++ Programming Language, The Design and Evolution of C ++, The Annotated C ++ Reference Manual have been and remain desktop, and are carefully stored in personal libraries.
I could not get past this news, I hope many will be interested to participate in the conference.

Key speakers:

The conference program includes 88 reports, 4 round tables, 7 seminars.
Inspires a list of companies and organizations whose representatives will speak at the conference, take part in seminars and round tables: IBM, Microsoft, Parallels, Cisco, SOA Systems, Softline, Mail.ru, SOFTEAM, Inspirex Consulting, Sony Ericsson, Luxoft, Motorola, Infostroy , EPAM, Auriga, Yandex, EMC 2 , OMG, MTS, rollApp, TEKAMA, GrowthUP, Russoft, Deutsche Bank, System Technologies, Technoserv, TIBCO, Renaissance Capital.
Stroustrup will give a 4-hour talk "Virtuoso programming": the main methods of effective programming in C ++ and the creation of easily followed code.
A spoon of tar - participation is paid.

And please, tell me later about the impressions - what is it, living Bjarn?


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