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New Firefox 4 beta for Maemo and Android has been released

Yesterday, a new beta version of Firefox Mobile for Android and Maemo platforms was released. The updated browser boasts sync, improved performance, smart address bar and an updated start page. The browser is built on the same platform as the desktop version.

This release will especially please those who use Big Fox Chanterelle - they will receive synchronization of bookmarks, tabs, passwords, as well as filling out forms. Also supported multitouch zoom (only for Android, of course).
The authors say that a lot of work has been done to increase browser performance (and in comparison with previous alphas, this is really noticeable). The browser has become more responsive, although it podlagivaet a little when scrolling through pages.

In comparison with its closest competitor, Opera Mobile, the latter is so far faster, but, unfortunately, it does not have plug-ins and is not officially supported by Maemo. And it seemed to me that the opera eats a lot of RAM, but then Fennec overtook it - 134 mb versus 73 mb of virtual memory.

In conclusion, I can say that Firefox Mobile has a future; the main thing for the guys is to focus on performance.
PS: Download !


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105768/

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