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If you are bored with domain capture stories ...

We are informing you about the REG.RU Domain Prohibition service, which was introduced to ensure maximum protection of a domain name against the actions of third parties or malicious software. The service is free and available to all domain name owners in the national .RU / . / .SU zones.

In the current version 0.01, “Domain operations ban” offers:
• Prevent any technical operations with the domain from your personal account: managing the list of DNS servers, removing / installing delegation;
• Prohibiting changes in the contact information of the domain administrator from the personal account;
• Prohibition of any administrative operations (change of registrar, administrator, account manager) without the written permission of the administrator to turn off the service.

To connect, an individual must personally come to any of the offices of REG.RU in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara and Kiev with a filled out application and the original passport or send a statement certified by a notary by mail. A legal entity requires the presence of a trustee with a statement, the original power of attorney and the original passport, as well as a fresh extract from the Unified State Register.

Shutting down the Domain Prohibition service is performed via advanced security algorithms with additional authentication of the operation: the code word is checked, which is specified by the user when registering an account, then an additional confirmation is sent to the domain administrator’s e-mail address asking to follow the link to complete the operation.
We are ready to do everything possible to protect the property of our clients. If you have any ideas or suggestions for this service, we will listen to them carefully (read) and try to implement them.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105763/

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