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Zoo replenishes.

Today I want to share with you some significant news.

First of all. The beta version of Netscape 9 beta was released the day before yesterday! The browser is based on Mozilla Firefox 2.0, thanks to which, according to the developers, it is fully compatible with the extensions of the latter. I must say that the interface is completely copied from the popular Internet Explorer killer. Windows, MacOS and Linux versions are available for download here.

Secondly. Yesterday, it was officially posted to the network for public testing of Safari 3 beta. The main news is that a new version of the browser is available not only for the MacOS platform, but also for ... sit down, Windows! At the moment, the browser still has bugs that lead to its fall. But this is only beta so far, so we’ll not worry much about it yet. The download page is located here.
Thirdly. Just last week, a new alpha version of Mozilla Firefox was released, the fifth in a row. There are significant innovations, such as Places, for example. Download versions for Windows, MacOS and Linux here.

In connection with all these events, I had a desire to arrange a small test of new browsers under Windows of leading market players: Internet Explorer 7, Maxthon 2, Mozilla Firefox 2, Gran Paradiso alpha5 (Mozilla Firefox 3), Netscape 9 beta, Opera 9, Safari 3 beta. I will try to describe their system requirements, compare the engines, find out the number of found and fixed bugs, measure the download speed in the standard configuration and pass them through the ACID2 test. However, expect this material by the end of the month, since At the moment I am actively preparing for the Bynet 2.0 conference, which I reported earlier. Oops. Here and let it slip. =)

Tomorrow / day after tomorrow I will tell you about my participation in the conference and briefly introduce you to the topic that I am going to discuss at the conference. And immediately after the conference I will share with you my report in full.

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