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Mood lamp

Good day.

Habraludi, I need your help. I published the project "mood lamp" (http://habrahabr.ru/blogs/DIY/65616/)
Now I am exploring the possibility of commercial production of this lamp, and possibly other electronic devices, in the form of a radio designer, or in the form of an already assembled electronic board. The lamp will be able to control through the com / usb port of the computer.

The basic concept: We will sell only iron. All documentation (scheme, firmware, board topology, protocol) is laid out in open access. Buying a device from us, you can start using it right away, or you can file the functionality yourself specifically for your task, or use the work already done and published by another customer.
In this regard, I ask you to answer the questions:

a) At what maximum price and in what quantity would you purchase the following devices?

1) Radio designer "mood lamp" - a complete set of parts and a printed circuit board for self-assembly (can be supplied already assembled). The microcontroller in the kit is already flashed. LED power 3 W, control via USB (COM). Powered by USB (light output is only 50% of power) or from a separate source (100% power). Ceiling included optional. Connecting to a computer will allow the lamp to respond in color to events, such as receiving a new IM message or system overheating.

2) Module to mood lamp to control the powerful load. You can connect instead of 3W RGB LED tape, or a set of 12V halogen lamps. By writing your own or downloading the open source software, you can turn the mood lamp into a self-made Ambilight system or into color music.

b) Which electronic devices would you like to purchase? (blocks for controlling external devices through a computer port, blocks for entering information into a computer, for example, reading the state of external contacts, loggers, electronic control systems for access control, signal generators, robotic modules, etc.)

d) Would you publish your work on our equipment in open access (libraries for working with a lamp, hacks and improvements you invented)?

e) what method of payment is convenient for you? cash on delivery in the mail, prepayment by bank transfer, through Yandex money, through web-money?

e) How do you assess the prospect of this business?

I will be glad to hear from you wishes and criticisms. Thank.

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