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"And I love on the floor" massive flashmob Runet

Today, many residents of social networks could see a huge number of strange statuses and posts in the style of "and I love on the floor" or "and I love in the hallway." So a wave of incomprehensible statuses overwhelmed many inhabitants of the Vkontakte site, and the statuses for the most part were set by girls. Tens of thousands of young people, being in shock, began to find out the reason for such interesting behavior. Of course, many young people immediately understood what was going on with the almighty Google, the rest were forced to set up response status, something like “Girls, what are you talking about ?!”.

As it soon turned out, it was just a female flash mob, the essence of which was to publish in the status of places where the weaker sex likes to leave their purses . However, not every guy, by virtue of his most passionate fantasies, was able to determine that all the girls conspired, and did not indicate at all the places where they like to make love most of all.

The guys also did not stand aside. Those who "skipped the chip" reacted quickly, putting the status "And I love to hang" or "And I love to look at women's flashmobs."
It is not yet known who created this wave, but various sources indicate that this flash mob was already held a year earlier.
Similar statuses were also seen on Twitter, ICQ and other internet pagers.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105745/

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