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Review of the Zenithink Zt-180 10 tablet "

In the topic with the review of the next Chinese tablet, a comment was left that I am the owner of one of these devices, namely the Zenithink zt-180 with a 10 inch screen. As a result, there were requests to write a review of this tablet. So, as befits any review, everything will be in order.

Where to buy

Until that time, all purchases that related to Chinese goods were ordered at dealextreme, but there were very few tablets there, and after a brief search, Pandawill was found. There, the choice was quite wide, and everything was available, and at a not very high price. Reviews of the store are good, the support is very fast, in real time, and not by mail as in DX. So I stopped my choice on this supplier.


In addition to the tablet in the box were present:


According to the characteristics, it surpasses the rest of the tablets in this price range, which, along with the screen size, played a decisive role in the purchase of this device.


The design is no different from other devices, the screen is bordered with black stripes, a “back” button and an LED that reflects the state of the tablet (on / on charging). There are several buttons on the side, this is actually on / off, a “menu” - “home” swing, a connector for connecting an adapter to RJ45, as well as a connector for microSD. On the other hand, we have 2 speakers.

And from the end of the output to the headphones, microphone, reboot, as well as usb and mini-usb, and the actual connector for charging.
Everything fits smoothly, no gaps, no squeaks, no backlash. The only thing that does not like is the fact that it is all glossy, stains and prints remain instantly both on the screen and on the case.

It is good that at least the back cover is non-marking, and gray in color, with some roughness.

In appearance, there is nothing particularly telling, you just need to note that the sensitivity of the screen is very good, when scrolling, typing, you always clearly get to the right place. But of course you need to practice at the beginning, when for the first time you try to scroll up / down, you get a click, but then you understand the logic and everything becomes beautiful and comfortable. The inconvenience is that a swing is made for the menu buttons and home, sometimes it is annoying to feel where to press. But if you only do browsing sites, or just any one application, then there is no problem.

Programs and use

The tablet is running Android OS 2.1 About the upgrade to Froyo nothing is known. My tablet arrived with the latest firmware 0830, so I didn’t even have to rewrite it. I want to note that the device can be safely flashed and windows ce, for this there are appropriate instructions, you need to contact the search engine. The important fact is that there is no Android Market by default, to install it, you need to do some gestures, however, who needs to quickly find and install a market for itself, instead of it, there is a default SlideMe too, a kind of market, quite a lot of applications.

In connection with the usb host, all the flash drives that I had immediately wound up are defined as udisk and you can do with them what you want. You can also insert a 3g modem into usb, it should only be unlocked or reflash, and in general there will be internet on a tablet via a modem. I myself did not check, I read only on w3bsit3-dns.com, there actually is all the instructions.

wi-fi - it works tolerably, there are also instructions on how to upgrade the antenna, but my difference was not noticeable after the opening and soldering work was not, perhaps I chose the wrong material to extend the antenna. If it really is unbearable, then you can change the wifi model to a simple usb dongle, there are instructions too.

Well, in general, lying on the bed, and youtube can be watched without problems, in the farthest corner of the apartment, without direct visibility, with concrete walls catches one stick. And the usb dongle for the dextup shows 36Mbps out of 54 possible, so we can conclude that the module in the tablet doesn’t have a very good antenna, or rather it’s practically non-existent there, the antenna is just a track.

There is nothing special to say about the programs, I use vudroid for reading djvu. The default is ireader. The player for Youtube had to be installed separately, now it plays hd video too. Playing video files does not cause problems, the video opens in RealPlayer. No problem copes with HD video in 720p, without brakes. Below on the video you can see this.

YouTube video on a tablet with maximum sound:

Simple DVDRip (~ 2.45GB):

HDTVRip 720p x264 mkv:


Since I determined before buying that I need a reader before going to bed, as well as a convenient device for viewing the map, on my lenovo s9 it’s somehow inconvenient to do it, and the screen is small, and the charging doesn’t last long, but the most important thing is of course dimensions, from a netbook is still difficult to read and not to mate under it. So I got the perfect device for my needs, all the programs are taken in apk packages on the Internet without much effort, so I don’t worry because of the lack of a market. Video is played perfectly, even HD at 720p, the sound is good. Surf is also convenient.

Regarding the time of work, I have not yet fully determined it, since I received the device quite recently, and so far I can’t say with certainty how many films it shows and how many in reading mode. A little later I will add the results, I just have to go, so I’ll write afterwards.

In connection with the delivery, I bought with a coupon of 5% for new customers, and EMS delivery, it turned out 6472.29 rubles. Got the package in 12 days. A bit worn, but whole and not crumpled.

And a picture with an example of displaying pdf. You can look at the clarity of the text. There are many opinions in the network that the text floats on many tablets, it is impossible to read. I disprove.

I completely forgot to say about the SD card, almost immediately the latch in the miscroSD connector broke, so be careful, my flight card did a good 15 meters to the other end of the room.

If possible, I will try to answer questions if they are.

1. It turned out to start the market, everything works.
2. Found a way to install flash, so we can say that it is also supported.
3. Text editors: I wrote above that it is not very convenient to fully type long texts, or to correspond in ICQ.
4. Autonomous work: with active work with the browser on wifi, the battery dies in ~ 4.5 hours. When watching a video, not yet verified.

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