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Flew to court


My friend once used the services of the company Sky Express. Yes, yes, the one where "cheap and happy." But cheap cheese is, as it turns out, overdue or tasteless. It so happened with this office.
“A ticket for Peter-Msk-Peter costs about 3,500 rubles. The site proudly stated “The Sky Express aircraft fleet consists of the same type of modern Boeing 737-300 and 737-500 aircraft, fully in the economy class layout ,” Pavel wrote in his blog .

By purchasing tickets at the above price, he arrived at the airport, went through the registration procedure and ...
“They take a bus to the aircraft. Well, I expect Boeing, which is. Drove to the TU-134. It is clear that of the common features of the "carcass" and "Boeing" - this is only the presence of wings and the potential opportunity to fly. "

The adventures of Paul did not end there. Trying to go back, he was forced to indulge in unplanned rest in "Vnukovo".
“The way back on all grounds also should not have resulted in disappointment. Upon arrival at Vnukovo by half past two (flight at 15:05), it turned out that the flight was delayed until 17:00.

At first, everything was written off for May 9 - parades, delegations. In this case, all other flights flew without delay.
In the meantime, the flight was postponed, postponed, postponed and eventually postponed for 5 hours. In Peter got to 22 hours. "

As explained by the passenger Vetrenko for such a simple, he can get as much as a million dollars ... 125 rubles. But he wants retribution of another kind:
“I was misled. The Sky Express advertisement states that they only carry passengers on Boeing. I want them to stop fooling the consumer. I also want to be reimbursed for half the cost of the ticket, since I purchased it, hoping to get one type of service, and get another. ”

In parallel, citizen Vetrenko wrote to the Federal Service for Supervision in the Field of Transport .

“The service has sent an answer in due time according to the law. It turns out that the airline has violations, and even the inspector’s prescription has been issued. ”

The text of the institution’s response can be found here and here . The Office reports that

“According to clause 76 of the Federal Aviation Regulations <...>, the carrier has the right to cancel, delay the flight indicated in the ticket, change the type of aircraft if the conditions of flight safety and / or aviation safety require it, and also at the request of state bodies in accordance with their competence.

“It is not clear only for how such a flight safety condition was the Boeing put replaced by a Tu-134. After all, it is well known that the safest aircraft is the Yak.
I think I will ask the Service for an explanation on this. It's interesting, ”the injured passenger asks a rhetorical question so far.

And the court - will not suffer

The trial is scheduled for October 25th. What does Palych want?
1. To collect from Sky Express CJSC in my favor within 10 days paid cash for the St. Petersburg-Moscow flight in the amount of 1,850 rubles.

2. To charge Sky Express in my favor 400 rubles in reimbursement of expenses for the purchase of food due to the delay of the flight.

3. To collect from Sky Express in my favor 5,000 rubles in compensation for non-pecuniary damage.

4. To oblige Sky Express CJSC to remove from the official website of the company any references to the fact that the Sky Express aircraft fleet consists only of Boeing airplanes and that the passenger of the Airline can be sure that Boeing will get on board.

Recommendations to the user

If the airline behaves incorrectly: delays the flight, slips the Lada instead of Boeing, you must always document everything. What a flight, what a delay, etc. We flew to the airport, approached the administration and recorded violations.

You also need to know your rights .

For example:

When a break in transportation is due to the carrier’s fault, as well as in the case of a flight delay, flight cancellation due to adverse meteorological conditions, for technical and other reasons, the carrier is obliged to arrange the following services for passengers at points of departure and at intermediate points:
- provision of rooms for mother and child to a passenger with a child under the age of seven;
- two phone calls or two e-mail messages while waiting for the departure of the flight for more than two hours;
- provision of refreshments when waiting for departure of the flight for more than two hours;
- provision of hot meals when waiting for departure of the flight for more than four hours and then every six hours - during the daytime and every eight hours - at night;
- accommodation in a hotel while waiting for the departure of the flight for more than eight hours - during the daytime and more than six hours - at night;
- delivery by transport from the airport to the hotel and back in cases where the hotel is provided at no extra charge;
- organization of luggage storage;

Well, do not be afraid to go to court . The claim will be for the protection of consumer rights, which means it is filed at your place of residence and is not subject to a state duty .

Look, ask the price.

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