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StaffLogger: Am I productive?

image A large number of people spend working time at the computer. At the same time, sometimes there is a feeling that “I plow for ten hours every day! And the result (salary) is the same! ”. But in fact it is not. In order to verify this, it is enough to hold the timing of working time. Much has been written about the effectiveness of timing in the time management and productivity improvement literature, but very few people really use it - because It is difficult to constantly record during the working day with what and how much I did. But if we are talking about working on a computer, then this is very easy to do. And the result will be disappointing in most cases: it turns out that not 10 minutes, but more than an hour is spent on “Contact” and “ICQ”; that “drinking coffee” and “talking on the phone” do not take half an hour a day - but one and a half. And so on. Actually, it is to work - for useful things to spend much less than we think. Do not believe? Check for yourself. We have developed a special program for monitoring the working time of StaffLogger - with the help of it you will see the real picture of what your time is wasting. Just install the program and work as before, and after a week look at the reports, I am sure you will be at least surprised. :) As one of the wise said, “If you want to change something, measure it.” Measure your work gentlemen :)

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