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IT Star Cars - geeks behind the wheel

As you know, doorwayers and spammers with experience go to Lamborghini and Ferrari :), but it would be much more interesting to find out which cars are preferred by the most famous people of the legal IT world.

So, of course, number 1 is Bill Gates , head of Microsoft , the richest man on the planet. Bill Gates loves Porsche: in its fleet of Porsche 911 and Porsche 959 Coupe .

Porsche 959 Coupe
Porsche 959 Coupe Bill Gates


Michael Dell , founder and CEO of Dell , also has a liking for Porsche : he has a two-seater Porsche Boxster , and he has also been spotted on the Hummer H2 more than once.

Porsche Boxster   -  DELL
Michael Dell's Porsche Boxster

Larry Ellison , head of Oracle Corporation, prefers Bentley. And you can understand him :) The choice of Larry Ellison - Bentley Continental Flying Spur .
Bentley Continental Flying Spur  ,  Oracle
Bentley Continental Flying Spur by Larry Ellison

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer prefers Lincoln Continental :
Lincoln Continental

And finally, as they say, for dessert, I left for you the car of Steve Jobs himself.

Steve Jobs , the founding father of Apple and Pixar Animation Studios , loves fast cars without license plates :)
-  Apple, Pixar

It would be interesting to look at cars Aaron Wall, Danny Sullivan and other SEO stars. But more about that another time.

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