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But what about Rails Developers?

In addition to Ruby, the idea was to cover the entire ROR technology and hold a new Rails contest. Let's hope that the application we propose to create will become a useful open innovation.
The same prize - a free pass to the RubyConfUa 2010 conference !
We are still continuing to accept solved tasks for the last contest from Ciklum using Ruby technology.

Task for RoR developers:

For the devise authorization system, write an extension to identify the user through one of the websites Google, Facebook, Twitter.
Post a ready-made solution on Github. The solution should be minimally documented and contain tests.


You can also suggest another authorization system and write an extension for it, but it should be well known and free to download.
After the code is published, please send us a link to it, your full name, city and contact, for feedback.
We will provide tickets to RubyConfUa 2010 for the mission!
On October 13, Ciklum will announce the winners on its website and present invitations to the conference.


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