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Higher education and work abroad

Good day. I am glad to present to your attention another topic-discussion about higher education and about the need for its presence, but with some clarifications.

The main question is this: what should an experienced young developer do on the condition of a persistent and annoying desire to go live abroad?
I would also like to consider minor issues such as: the quoting of diplomas of various universities abroad, ways of obtaining a diploma, and solving the issue with the army.



I am 18 years old, I am a student of the 4th course of one of Kiev colleges, I study on the IT specialty (programming). 5 years engaged in web development.

Now I am at a crossroads, I have to decide what to do next, how to continue education (and whether to continue at all). The only thing I know for sure - I want to go abroad.

On Habré there were many articles about HE and its necessity, almost always it all came down to the fact that the university doesn’t provide real professional skills, it is necessary to “learn to learn”, to be able to find the necessary information, learn to get out of stressful situations ( hi, session), master social communication skills and so on.

No matter how self-confident it may sound, but I believe that I have already gone through all this, and I mastered it all in college. I learned there in good faith for 4 years, I went through ~ 8 sessions, there are still several course and final exams.

I belong to the group of people who believe that 4-5 years of study at a university can be spent with much greater profit and advantage.
But do western companies share my views? As far as I understand, no. Even such “2.0 companies” like Google, even if you have a huge amount of knowledge and experience, will not hire you without a treasured crust (correct me if I'm wrong, I will only be happy).

Alternative ways to get a diploma

Many will say that in order to get a diploma, it is not necessary to sit for 5 years at a university, there are alternative ways, for example, studying by correspondence, or buying a diploma.
Here the question arises with the army, which I have absolutely no idea how to solve.

Outputs and Solutions

At the moment I see several solutions to the problem:

Option number 1
To score on the BO, save money until the summer, after receiving a diploma to go abroad.
Cons: incomprehensible ways to travel abroad (with official migration, you need to have a solid amount of money and a solid amount of time and nerves?)

Option number 2
Get a VO in absentia or buy a diploma, while continuing to work in Ukraine and plan a trip.
Cons: unclear ways to address the issue with the army.

Option number 3
To go to the hospital, muffle ambitions for the next 4-5 years, stand up, and only then recall old plans.
Cons: as already mentioned, 5 years can be spent more rationally.

Well, instead of a conclusion, let us summarize the questions, the answers to which I would like to hear:

Is the lack of our diploma a stumbling block for employment abroad?
Is it true that from Kiev universities, only KPI diploma is quoted abroad?
What are some ways to legally go abroad?
How can I solve the issue with the army when studying in absentia?
Bought a diploma in general is legal? Will they check it somehow?

PS The collected karma will go to charity, in the form of invite to the person who prepared this article.

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