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Microsoft has bought AVIcode

What the leadership of both companies and reported yesterday. The company AVIcode, I recall, is developing software for the .Net environment. The specialization of the software produced by the developers of this company is monitoring and evaluating system performance, including individual applications and entire services. Unfortunately, the financial aspects of this transaction are not reported.

Experts believe that by purchasing AVIcode, Microsoft automatically complements its own range of software applications for cloud solutions, which will allow you to create new products based on Azure. AVIcode CEO Mike Curriry believes that his company and Microsoft have about the same opinion about possible ways to improve the performance of cloud applications. According to the same Currie, the company has long been in search of a strategic investor. It should be noted that AVIcode could hardly have found a more successful "strategic investor".

At the same time, Brad Anderson, vice president of the corporation, said that AVIcode developments will help Microsoft create more effective methods to improve the performance of cloud applications. For example, Xbox Live service, which has a huge number of clients, can be a good way to apply reciprocal developments. As a result, more and more applications can be launched from the cloud, including not only entertaining, but also serious corporate applications.
After the purchase, AVIcode becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of the corporation, merging into the overall scheme of the software giant. Microsoft claims that they have previously worked with software from AVIcode in their own data centers, where the solutions of this company were used to monitor the operation of various systems.

In the future, all the developments of AVIcode will be offered as SaaS (software as a service) and PaaS (platform as a service) solutions. In principle, many experts recognize the Azure cloud service as a fairly successful Microsoft product, so additions to it, developed in collaboration with AVIcode, can also be, and are likely to be, commercially successful.

Generally speaking, very many companies, including Google (especially Google), are trying to buy companies that are engaged in the development needed for corporations, and not to create everything they need from scratch. In principle, everything is correct - why reinvent the wheel in a new way ...

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