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Mark Zuckerberg’s comments on today's Facebook innovations:

The main problem in social networks is how to give the user the opportunity to communicate with his friends and share information depending on the situation.

For example, you want to share photos of your family vacations only with your relatives, send video parties only to those who were there, invite only your colleagues to an event in the office, gather a few friends to the game or call those of your friends who are interested. run to the website for runners.
We have heard more than once that Facebook would be much more useful for people if they could communicate with small groups of their friends, instead of always “broadcasting” to an audience that includes everyone they know. For some, such a group will be their family, and for someone, an entire army of people who share their passion for football statistics, but everyone wonders which with variations, but boils down to one: “I would publish it, but I don’t want to waste it disturb 250 people. Or my grandmother. Or chief.

Until now, Facebook was a great way to share something with all of your friends, well, or just with everyone, but it lacked a simple way to create and maintain some space where you could only share with a small group of people occupying a certain place in your life, such as your neighbors, classmates, colleagues or relatives.

We decided that we should offer a solution that would allow you to visually see all your communities, which would be simple enough for everyone to use it, and which would be deeply integrated into the logic of Facebook’s work, including the work of applications, so that you could communicate with different groups in different ways.

We approached this issue as a problem that lies in the plane of communication. Instead of asking you to classify all your friends by the type of your acquaintance or try to force the software algorithms to determine which clusters of people in your network come together, we decided to offer something comparable in simplicity to inviting your friends to dinner. And we think it will change the way you use Facebook and the Internet.

Today we are introducing a completely redesigned new version of the “Groups” function. This is an easy way to keep in touch with small groups of your friends and share news and content with them within a protected personal space. By default, access settings for groups are set to “Closed” (Closed), which means that only members of the group will be able to see what is happening in it.

Being in this closed space, you can easily show photos, make joint plans or maintain a long conversation. You can conduct group chat with those of the members of the group that are now online. You can even use the group as an email list to quickly report something without even logging in to Facebook. As a result, how you interact with Facebook will be built around groups of people that are really important to you.

Demo video: groups

In addition, I am pleased to share a couple of other innovations that we have been working with lately, and which should also give you more control over your information and make communication easier for everyone.

First, we developed a simple way to quickly download everything you’ve ever posted to Facebook and your correspondence with friends: your posts, wall posts, photos, status updates and your profile information.

If for some reason you need a copy of all the information that you posted on Facebook, you just need to click on the link and get this copy as a single file. To protect your data, this feature is only available after confirming your password and receiving answers to relevant questions. We will start to introduce this feature today and soon you will be able to find it in your account settings .

Demo video: download information

Secondly, we are releasing a new control panel that will give you a visual idea of ​​how applications use your data to personalize how you work with Facebook. Given that the use of the Internet is becoming more social and more personalized, it is very important that you can be sure of how other sites use your data to improve your work with them.

As these features are implemented, a summary picture of all the applications you have installed and the data they use will appear in the privacy settings of your Facebook account. You can change the settings for a particular application in order to narrow the range of data to which it has access, or to completely delete it.

Demo video: application control panel

We heard the loud and clear demands of our users, who want to have more control over what they post on Facebook, want to control who exactly sees this content, and understand where this data is going. With the new groups and other tools that we present today, we take several steps to give you such controls. We hope these tools will give you more confidence when you post something on Facebook, and your online life will become richer and more real as a result of these innovations.

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