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Yahoo updates its search engine

Today, Yahoo !, as it is sometimes called, “rolled out” its own version of the search engine, which, as we know, Yahoo! shares with Microsoft (there was such a contract, according to which Yahoo! works with the search engine from Microsoft, receiving payments for it from advertising - more here). But Yahoo! not satisfied with the standard solution, and the developers decided to improve the search mechanism, making it more convenient. Among other improvements, you can see improvements in engine visualization, mobile search refinement, and output of “hot” requests to the Yahoo home page.

Now, when a user searches for something from an entertainment theme, or a news topic, instead of a long list of search results, a person sees a more functional page that allows you to get more information on the topic in less time.
For example, if you enter a movie title, you get all the news about this movie in the Overview tab, you can also read movie reviews in the Stories tab, plus watch movie trailers in the Videos tab. Among other things, the user can even check what the Twitter users write about this picture, there is also this tab, which is called “Twitter” (well, how else can it be called).

These changes made by the developers of Yahoo !, quite different from the original version of Bing, integrated into the search engine Yahoo. Now both searches, despite the same platform, are visually quite different. The most significant difference in Yahoo search is the absence of the longest list of links to sites with the keyword you are looking for.

Among other things, Yahoo helps to find information that is shared with the search query. For example, if you enter the name of a musician, then in the search results, in a special section, the names of other musicians associated with this artist will appear. Moreover, in the upper right corner of the main page of Yahoo now you can see a list of requests that Yahoo users enter most often.

Mobile search from Yahoo for mobile devices has also changed - now the engine is based on HTML5 technology. Users of mobile devices now, when searching for a particular product, receive a summary table with the price of the product and news on the topic. You can try it at this link.

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