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Open letter to Gmail developers

In order to find all the letters from a specific sender in the Gmail interface, you must perform approximately the following sequence of actions (let's say we remember that the address contains the letters ya):

We count the clicks:
1. Enter "ya", click "Search in the mail" - this time
2. To find among all the letters containing “ya” in the body of the letter - the right one, let's say we were lucky and the letter on the first page
3. Click on the letter, it is two
4. Expand the correspondence, it is three
5. “Show Details” is four
6. Highlight the sender's address and copy it — these are five.
7. Paste the sender's address into the search bar - it's six
8. Click Search Mail - this is seven.

I offer a one-click solution:
When clicked - letters in the current active folder should be filtered by this contact.
- type "ya" and click on the pop-up promise
Once <Seven.

Upd : as it turned out, Google has already implemented the feature proposed by me, but attributed it to the experimental functions. To enable auto search by contacts - you need to enable auto-complete search in google labs

Why it is not enabled by default is a mystery to me. I already started to hate them quietly.
Thank you sultee for the hint.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105722/

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