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Muz-TV is looking for startups about show business!

Hi, habrastartaperper!
Now among the strategic investors of Glavstar are not only large IT companies ( Yandex , Head Hunter ), aimed at business development, but also representatives of related market areas. We are glad to announce that we are starting to look for startups for Muz-TV.
Andrei Dimitrov, General Director of MUZ-TV, commented on the need to search for start-ups and the choice of Glavstart as a partner:
“The TV channel understands that its media capabilities, brand and audience can be complementary to projects on the Internet. We regularly receive offers to participate in various projects or to co-finance various kinds of start-ups. It was decided to structure this process and bring Glavstart to cooperation, as an organization uniting around itself the most reputable industry experts. ”
Interest in startups has overstepped the boundaries of IT. Now offline companies want to organize work with them. At the 21st Moscow Pointe, we announced work with a new partner and now the word is yours.
In order to find out if your project is suitable for Muz-TV, register it in our database or send an email to muztv@startuppoint.ru with a description of the project.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105717/

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