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That pixel is my face!

Astronaut Bruce McCandless sued Dido and Sony Music, which placed a well-known photograph from the NASA archive on the cover of her album. At the same time, the Getty Images photobank was put on trial.

Dido 2008 album cover .

As the copyright does not belong to Bruce, he appeals to the illegal use of the image (violation of publicity rights). In other words, this photograph seems to make the astronaut too famous without his desire.

The photograph actually depicts Bruce during his spacewalk on February 7, 1984. Here's the proof: a photo from the same series , taken a day later. In this picture, you can even make out the facial features behind the spacesuit, although it is hardly possible to identify the astronaut, not to mention the name on the patch. But Bruce himself knows that this is for sure.
McCandless proves the uniqueness of photography in this way. He says that on February 7, 1984, it was the only time in history when an astronaut retired such a distance from the shuttle during a mission that it became possible to take such a picture. In this shot, the distance from the shuttle is 99 meters (325 feet).

An interesting outlined litigation.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105714/

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