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The new phone from HTC includes a chip that protects the firmware from modification

T-Mobile in the United States has already launched the sale of HTC Desire Z (HTC G2)
Those lucky ones who have already purchased a novelty have found that changing the firmware on the phone is a very nontrivial thing. One of the built-in microchips blocks saving any changes to the current firmware.

I wonder how things will be in Russia. HTC recently opened an online store: htc-online.ru
So far, there is only a pre-order, the price of the htc device has not yet been determined, there are no accessories, the sales department is not aware of the timing. Even the question of whether the hardware keyboard would be Russified was not answered.

UPD: The keyboard will be Russified.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105711/

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