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Beta testing of ABBYY Lingvo.Pro linguistic portal

And here is the promised surprise :)

ABBYY launches beta testing of the Lingvo.Pro linguistic portal and invites you to take part in it. What is the difference between Lingvo.Pro and Lingvo Online ?

1. A large number of texts with examples of translations . What are they needed for? Any dictionary (the same Lingvo) can give several translations of the same word. Without examples of usage it is difficult to understand which translation will work in one way or another. In Lingvo.Pro, examples from real texts with translations (parallel texts) are collected, there are many of them, and a little later, users can add such examples.
For the words found in dictionaries, you can see examples of usage in the examples window .

For example, escape - run


Or escape - deliverance


2. Lingvo.Pro makes it possible to search for translations only in examples, without using dictionaries at all , - suddenly there will be the very meaning that you lacked so much :) (tab “Examples).


3. Add your own translations .
For now, you can add individual translations, but very soon there will be a function to download parallel texts and whole glossaries. And after some time it will be possible to evaluate and discuss each new (and old) translation - what if it seems to you that it is wrong?

4. Word translation. If the sentence you encountered several unfamiliar words, you can enter the entire sentence or phrase in the input line, and the program will give you the translation of each word.


5. Advanced search - search in examples of a word with its specific translation. For example, you want to find sentences in which the word table is translated as "table" ...


6. Search is case sensitive. Explain, probably not necessary. :)


In the future, we plan to develop other useful services on Lingvo.Pro:

1. Pretranslate / Pretranslate
How it will work: if you, for example, need to translate a sentence or document from Russian into English, you upload it to Lingvo.Pro, and the system starts searching for each sentence in the base of parallel texts. If there are translations, the system will substitute them for the Russian text and give you the final result.

2. Corporate terminology management system
Creation on the portal of a single database of multilingual terms used in a particular organization. Employees of the organization will be able to search for translations in the database, in Lingvo dictionaries and parallel texts, discuss them and update them if necessary.

3. The community around the translation topic
The forum “will move” with Lingvo.ru , the Question-Answer service will be restarted (you can ask other users for word translations, and the answers will be immediately added to the translation database).

4. Work online with all dictionaries available in the desktop version of Lingvo.
Now on Lingvo.Pro there are only those free dictionaries, as on Lingvo Online, but after a while it will be possible to buy more dictionaries.

To take part in testing, follow the link and follow the instructions :)

Share with us your impressions about Lingvo.Pro: what you liked, what you didn’t like, what functions you lack on the portal, what can be improved. This can be done using a special form.

The authors of the most interesting and useful ideas will receive prizes - license codes for ABBYY Lingvo x3 European version.

Good luck!

Tatyana Parfentieva
Department of Linguistic Products

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