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Solar tree for contactless charging

At CEATEC Japan 2010, Nissan showed an interesting exhibit: the contactless charging station Solar Tree . Such a setup is ideal for powering robots, which, when the charge is exhausted, can independently “stand under a tree” drive up. Below for them are three parking spaces.

The photo is not visible, but the height of the “tree” is 12 meters, and the diameter of the panels with photocells is about three. The advantage of this approach is that the panels can follow the sun and turn to it during the day, reaching a maximum efficiency of 30%. Three panels produce 20 kW of electricity.

Solar Tree charging stations can be installed in populated urban areas (here they also provide a pleasant shade and coolness in the hot season) or outside the city, forming a forest of thousands of "trees". According to Nissan engineers, the forest of the thousand Solar Tree will provide electricity to the city for 7000 houses, this is the average Russian regional center.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105702/

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