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Two strange updates from VKontakte

Pavel Durov has just announced two updates to VKontakte.
“Today we have improved the quality of all new photos.
They have become more contrast and saturated. "
Very unpleasantly surprised. Not only is the photo edited without demand and changing the contrast can change the atmosphere of the photo, because it also doubled the average weight of the photos!
Conducted an experiment: re-uploaded two photos that have already been uploaded.
The difference is exactly twice - instead of 50 kb now it is 100!

Also, the history of avatars is now saved.
Previous avatars are shown when clicking on the current one. Without page reload.
Here, of course, debatable. But you would have provided a shutdown at least ...
Otherwise, you will have to delete the previous one manually each time.

I am risking to be completely merged behind all my favorite social network here, but I would like to talk about the first one - how could you start such an incomprehensible function as increasing the default contrast?
UPD: The text of the news has changed. Now it is said that they lose less in quality with a decrease and are closer to the original. But I still merged! :)

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105683/

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