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Rental apartments and "information base"

It will be a question of “information bases”, which over the last half of the year have acquired in Kiev very wide distribution in the rental market.
This is a fun scam method that is worth mentioning.
If you are going to look for an apartment in Kiev or are just curious, I ask for a cat.

Most of the ads, under which are the phone numbers of agencies, written on behalf of individuals with the note "do not disturb intermediaries."

For example:
Address: Curls
Furniture, appliances, tiles, balcony, separate bathroom, washing machine automatic
270 $
Name: Natalia
Coordinates: 0669229248 417-50-91

or so
Address: st. Curls
Rent 1 room apartment, tv, furniture, cold, mebel
220 $
Name: Oleg
Coordinates: 0631372770 0669229248

If you look closely, you will find the general mobile number.
Ads from www.first-realty.com.ua
Or let's say:
Arsenalna st., TV, good condition, for the duration of the period, 2500 UAH. Information base. (63) 1510224, mob. (66) 2637148

Newspaper Aviso.

Arsenalnaya str., TV, good condition, furniture, refrigerator, for a long time, cheap.
Tel: (63) 1510224, mob., (66) 2637148, mob.

Site of this newspaper. A fascinating announcement from the past issue.
In the current "information database" marked (and the site and the newspaper), which can not but rejoice.

The cost of apartments in such ads in the range between "strangely cheap, it does not happen" and "is quite normal, you need to call before they are removed."

If you call by phone in such a base, they will explain to you that first you will enter into some kind of contract with them, and only then you will be able to see the apartment. And they also work until settlement and that usually all-all-all are settled on the first day. Nobody complained. Everyone is happy. And no 50% of the monthly payment to a real estate agency. (Yes, in Kiev, the standard cost of their services is 50% of the monthly cost, not 100). The cost of "services" ranges from 150 to 200 hryvnia (600-800 rubles). Seductive?

If you come to the address specified by the agent, you will see the room the only furniture is the agent’s desk / chair and chair for you. On the table is a laptop, contracts and a whole mountain of mobile phones (which, sometimes, are hidden in the table, so as not to annoy others). It is utilitarian. Nothing extra. Obzhivatsya apparently not appropriate.

Then you offer to sign a contract. For doubters, they will tell you the mobile number you are interested in. You will call. And they will answer you. Whatever you have no doubt. But people are workers. So what exactly are you closer to the end of the working day? Practice shows that the phone works for several days, after which the sim card is thrown out. To get through better change numbers. And, of course, no one will come to meet you.

Well, no on the street. Arsenal person who will rent an apartment for 2500 + utilities, if he can hand it over for 4000 + utilities. As the most average option. Even if it is a bomzhatnik.

Now, in more detail about the contract: technically, this is just the whole contract for the provision of access to a database of apartments for a period of 30 days.

Such for example:

Doubters will surely assure that this is only access to the site for 30 days, and they work until they are settled. The contract, however, does not provide for such a thing. He has nothing to do with the settlement.
Below is the literal text of this, sometimes quite funny, document.

Information Analytical Center of Real Estate №1

- Large database of real estate without intermediaries
- Direct phone numbers and home addresses
- Update databases online 4 times a day from (9-10) from (12-13) from (15-16) from (18-19) output. waxed

Agreement on the provision of access to databases for rental of residential real estate in Kiev and the region

Full name

Contractor (Agent Signature) Customer (Your signature)

1 - The site administration undertakes to provide daily updates to information packages (real estate databases) in the city of Kiev and the region on the site www.arenda-kvartir.net.ua

2 - Opening access for the duration of the contract is carried out on one computer and one browser, for example, by registering with Opera means you can also watch on the same browser.

3 - Access to the base is provided for 30 days.

4 - The cost of the service opening access 170 one hundred and seventy hryvnia.

5 - This contract is for 30 days. It comes into force from the moment of its signing. Payment for services is made on the day of the transaction. The amount paid is non-refundable.

Information Analytical Center of Real Estate №1

Access is available as a warranty service for the possibility of selecting other options even after the settlement. (There are various options that did not get along with the owners, neighbors, perhaps the living conditions do not correspond to the preliminary agreement or decide to rent real estate more expensively or cheaperly) in general, you have the opportunity to choose interesting options. The Contractor is not responsible for the actions of a third party. The entire responsibility for the property to be handed over (rent) is the owners.

1.2 The customer receives a login at www.arenda-kvartir.net.ua and reports on the successful registration by calling 0637163849 (Administration)

1.3 Opening access for the duration of the contract is carried out on one computer and one browser, for example, was registered on the Internet explorer and you can watch the database on the same browser.

1.4 Act of the executed works. Access to the site. Your login. (Your signature)

In parting, they will tell you that everyone is very happy with them and will print out a couple of pages of addresses / phone numbers from the site. With the usual, however, prices.

Everything is clear. No "settlements". Only mediocre address database. Many of which are quite real. But not cheaper than usual. Although there is no payment for the services of a realtor, yes. If, of course, you can find at least something decent.
Many of these agents have the same base. Only the "muzzles" of the site differ.

If you try to complain ... you will be politely offered to pick up an apartment and call a couple of apartments on the outskirts. Even for the same 2500. But in the area - I'm sorry, no more. They are not to blame for the fact that an unfair investor made an announcement in the database.

Still not happy? Read the contract. We do it. Nobody promised you a fairy tale.

That's all.
What is a scam? The fact that they lure customers with non-existent ads with prices inconsistent with reality. For half a year, the scheme of work has not changed.

I hope this little article will bring benefit to someone and save from error.
Do not misunderstand - this is not an advertisement of real estate agencies. They have their own "features" that abound.

For publicity:

No one rents apartments up to $ 500 near Pechersk metro station?
Or at least just in the central areas half an hour on foot from the metro?

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105672/

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