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Application Developer Days Conference - Successful

I'll start with the official press release:

The answer to the question: “Who is a programmer and how does he live?” Could be obtained at the Application Developer Days conference, which took place in Yaroslavl on September 23-24, 2010. And not just one answer, but many different ones.

Application Developer Days is, above all, an active platform for "live" professional communication. And in this respect, the choice of Yaroslavl, as a venue for the conference, was not accidental. According to the chairman of the organizing committee Vladislav Orlikov, it is the positive influence of Yaroslavl, a city with a rich cultural heritage, a city that has just celebrated a millennium, reflected in the main objectives of the event. Convenient conditions for communication were created. All participants were equal, there were no barriers to exchange views and discuss current issues.
The conference turned out to be truly programmer. And this is not only the opinion of the organizers, many participants agree with this. We collect reviews and publish them on the site www.addconf.ru . If you were at the conference, and want to share your impressions, please write to us.

A real programmer is a person who constantly strives to know more. And not only about those products and technologies used daily, but also about something new, as yet completely unfamiliar. It helps to broaden horizons, gives new experience, enriches with ideas.

Actually, this conference was created to comprehend the experience of other programmers. So different topics were presented on it that it was unlikely that among the participants there was at least one person familiar with everyone at once. As a result, everyone learned something new, wondered if he could not apply this knowledge to solve his problems. This was actively helped by the speakers - real experts, who not only gave excellent material, but were open to discussions with the audience.

“Everyone who comes to our conferences is waiting for answers to questions. Frankly, in everyday practice, we often face difficult situations and have been looking for a solution for a long time. And although it may lie on the surface, we unknowingly bypass it. We hope that the conference turned out to be useful for all the participants, and they not only received new information, but also made useful and pleasant contacts, ”the conference organizing committee summed up.

The conference has collected many positive reviews, and this means that such conferences are interesting, that they are needed. Therefore, we, of course, will continue to work and organize new meetings.

We want to thank our partners, CustIS and IBM , for supporting the event. Special thanks to SeverTransTeleCom and D-Link companies for the excellent Internet. And, of course, sincere words of gratitude to all those who supported us informationally.

Thanks to all the conference participants for the pleasant feedback and suggestions. Looking forward to seeing you at our next events!

And now, unofficially, from myself.
I liked it all very much. True, for almost two weeks I have had a “caretaker” - I have been clearing things that have not been done, which have been accumulating for months in preparation for the conference. Therefore, before the publication of press releases hands and did not reach. But they are for the better - we have already collected all the reviews, they can be viewed on the site. And today I got a screw with the video. Looked a bit - interesting. :) Now I will give Stas Fomin, he will glue it all up with screencasts and spread it out.

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