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Safari 3: you won't even feel anything

Do not rush to install Safari 3 Beta on Mac OS.
Charts on the Apple site greatly underestimate the speed of the new browser. It works so fast that you can’t see a single page.
Anyway, I failed. Others were less fortunate: after installing the beta, iTunes, Mail, iChat and even Adium stopped working .

update : my problem was solved by removing the safaristand plugin. Other problems seem to be solved with the release of the new beta.

This is what habrahabr looks like in the new version of Safari. At the speed of light!
In Parallels + Windows XP, the new Safari works, no matter how funny it is, much better.

No wonder the AAPL paper immediately after keynote fell several points.
Such a failure, as the classic said, Ostap did not know for a long time.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/10567/

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