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A few words about WebMoney.Check

I want to talk about the subject, announced the other day.

In order to buy something for WebMoney, just register an account with WebMoney and replenish it.

It is quite simple for most internet users.
But the one who came to the site to register, there are questions:
- There are several types of accounts (WebMoney Keeper Classic, Light, Mini, Mobile, Social)
- They are different (for PC, for browser, for mobile phone or social network)
- Which one to choose: the one that is simpler or the one that is cooler?

And after registration too:
- How to remember the wallet number?
- How not to lose access to it?

A lot of questions in order to simply replenish your account in World of Warcraft or buy an e-book :-)

A simple solution - "Prepaid WebMoney-card"

Such a card is nothing more than a Paymer check, whose details are printed on a piece of plastic (under the protective layer, of course)

Where can one buy?
Here on this useful site list: geo.webmoney.ru

How to use for payment?
- When paying choose "WebMoney-card"
- Wipe the protective layer
- Enter the number and code on the payment site

- simply - bought a card, paid for the goods
- no need to register anywhere
- you can make several purchases: if the amount of the payment is less than the face value of the card, then the “change” remains on it

- card details - a lot of numbers, a long time to enter, it is easy to make a mistake when entering and it is extremely difficult to remember :-)
- the card can be easily lost
- it can be set aside at home when you need to pay at work

The correct solution is “ WebMoney Check

WebMoney Check , this is a thing very similar to a WebMoney card, but here the details are:
- your mobile phone number
- the password that is sent in the SMS message when you first refill the check (you can change it later)
- for each transfer of funds from a check, you must specify the transaction confirmation code (one-time, sent in an SMS message)

How to buy or replenish?
- go to the payment terminal
- select WebMoney
- enter your mobile phone number ( R07 [your number] for Russia )
- put the bill acceptor the right amount of paper money
- as soon as the operation is completed, an SMS message will be sent to the specified phone number, which will indicate:
• current balance of WebMoney.Check
• password from it (for the first time)

How to use for payment?
- When paying choose WebMoney Check
- enter your mobile phone number and password (if you forgot it, you can get it in an SMS message)
- after some time will receive an SMS message with the operation confirmation code - enter it

- no need to register an account in WebMoney
- mobility: the phone is always with you and its number is your WebMoney Check number
- it is easy to remember the details: many people can remember the number of their mobile phone well :-)
- you can even not remember the password from the check, you can always get it in an SMS message
- safe: even if the password was spied, you also need a confirmation code

- Payment is impossible without a mobile phone. But he is always with you :-)

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105663/

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