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Use WebMoney without registration in the system

We present a new service - WebMoney Check . Now, not only our users can pay for purchases and services on the Internet, but also those who have not yet become a WebMoney client or for some reason do not want to register.

Despite the fact that WebMoney already has many convenient and simple payment methods, such as Keeper Mini , applications for social networks or for mobile phones ( Keeper Mobile ), all of them require registration in the system.

To access your personal account and work with a check, you only need a mobile phone. You can buy and replenish WebMoney Check at any terminal and ATM that supports replenishment of WebMoney, or using a prepaid WebMoney card. A check can be used to pay for online purchases (by choosing WebMoney Check in payment methods), as well as donating to friends (by transferring WebMoney Check to their mobile phone). The purchase of a WebMoney check and payment with its help is available to residents of Russia (WMR checks) and Ukraine (WMU checks). And here is a detailed instruction about the replenishment of the check and payment in the online store.


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