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Compensation $ 100 for each spam message

On September 28, the Quebec Supreme Court approved the decision of the American court of lower instance and approved the verdict : a resident of Montreal Adam Guerbes must pay $ 100 for each of 4 366 386 spam messages that he sent on Facebook during the period from March to April 2008. Taking into account penalties and the exchange rate, the total amount of payments will be 1 068 928 721.46 Canadian dollars ($ 873 million). In addition, it is forbidden for him to create a Facebook account for life.

"A professional in the field of online marketing," as he calls himself, Guerbes said that he was struggling to collect such a sum and was going to file for bankruptcy.

Spammer published ads for various products (including marijuana and erectile dysfunction drugs) on users' walls, in comments to photos and other places. To add yourself to your friends to hundreds of thousands of people, a crook collected user logins and passwords using phishing.

The court noted that Guerbes managed to earn a “substantial amount of money” through his activities, and he considers the compensation fair, because he used a particularly vile scheme and published messages allegedly from friends.
Adam Guerbes calls the fine amount too high: “If something unnecessary gets into my inbox, I just press the Delete button. That is why it is on the keyboard, ”he said in a statement on his website. He added that he himself receives hundreds of spam messages per day, but cannot go and demand $ 100 for each letter. Adam also thanked the numerous users who left indignant comments to the Quebec court.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105659/

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