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Internet spy who daily merges your competitors prices

image I have 11 online stores, so I have some idea about online store marketing. Unfortunately or fortunately, it often ends with the fact that the price of the goods you had for 100-200 rubles. lower than the competitor. But this task rested against the fact that it is impossible to constantly monitor other stores, especially if the quantity of goods is measured in the hundreds and thousands.
Therefore, I came up with byPrice.ru , which now does this work for me and can do it for you too.

Here is a report on the prices of competitors for your range of products you will receive daily in your mail:

Information about your products is received in YML format (xml for Yandex.Market), as well as in csv (but better in yml). The more precisely the product name is indicated, the more informative will be the report on the prices of competitors. Therefore, even for testing, I recommend using real data about products, because for an item like iPhone, the script will give you no more useful and specific information than if you enter the same query in any search engine. In other words, what kind of question is such an answer.
If you share your impressions, I will be glad, maybe I missed something.

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