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The result of assessing the quality of the creation of the site Apple.com

I did not know where to place, whether in Apple’s blog, or in Humor, I placed it in a personal blog.

Today, customers tried to check the quality of my work with one very funny thing. It is called Cybernetic Analytic System (In short, artificial intelligence, which determines the quality level of the site) They sent me a link with a description of the results of testing this system. The check gave 965.5 points, it is not clear a lot or a little. I was surprised and even wanted to be offended, like how it is, will they still arrange all sorts of tests with tests. But when I read the review of my work from this intellectual thing, I was filled with wild laughter. There was a feeling that it was written not by an artificial intellect, but by some novice designer, who would defile everyone. Well, read, smiled. Later on Habré I learned that Apple changed the design. I remembered this Cyber ​​System. The results laugh to tears! : D Here is what Apple.com Apple Analytics System writes about:

The abundance of various styles causes ripples in the eyes. Scripts amaze with their gigantism. Where are these from? What, is the graphics off? No, it's on ... And where are the pictures? The average level of technical performance. There are flaws in the code. Made with an ax on his knee. Without fantasy, the template functionality provided by the page. You can work, but there are not enough stars from the sky. Normal design. Grace does not shine, but not a freak. A kind of strong middling. The abundance of non-standard solutions that require plug-ins, support scripts. Compatibility with different browsers is insufficient.

Here is the joy in the original
I laughed for a long time: D Of course, the Analytical System knows better how bad the current Apple site is. Strong srednyachok. And of course, it’s worth seeing who is the leader in usability and design in the opinion of the system.
As for my opinion, the new Apple.com surprised sliding bookmarks, navigation design and site maps. In general, I really liked it, you need to adopt several techniques.

But not everything is so bad, in general, the system produces interesting and close to the truth results.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/10564/

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