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fring launches fringout for Android - calls to regular phones at prices lower than Skype

While almost the entire world of Google phones was happy to get Skype for Android ( almost - for Samsung Galaxy S, for example, it was cheated by attention), Skype’s main competitor on fring mobile devices, in turn, opened the fringOut service for Android, previously available only for Symbian (version for iPhone is also on the way).

FringOut tariffs are lower than similar Skype tariffs, and in some areas the difference is quite noticeable. The cost of calls to landlines and mobile phones starts from 1 - against the minimum 2.2 from a competitor. For some reason, calls to Russia from fringOut are more expensive than Skype (7.7 ¢ against 6), but cheaper for mobile (8.4 ¢ against 9.2), as well as to both Russian capitals (1.9 ¢ against 2.6). In addition, fringOut promises that there will be no hidden fees - such as payment for the connection from Skype.
And, of course, fring continues to provide its traditional services - multi - protocol chat (Google Talk, ICQ, MSN and others) and free internet calls to other fringsters, including video calls .

Available for download versions for Android, iPhone and Symbian.

Until recently, fring supported the work with the Skype protocol, but it cost fring to learn how to make video calls on Skype, as the owners of Skype found a reason to ban fring - such is aggressive competition.

fring for Android:

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