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Netgear WNR2000: restore VoIP in the latest firmware versions

Rutter from hell

Yes, actually, the router itself is not bad, but we didn’t work with it from the purchase itself.
At first it is an incomprehensible system of installation and configuration of the router from a disk. It seems to be all up and everything should work, plug-in and mood, en-no, Netgear went further, you need to have both internet access and a network connection to the router and a connected drive, on eeeBox I suffered with this (everyone presented a small eeeBox: USB-internet, mouse, keyboard, USB-CDROM and finally a network cable - that's what sometimes happens if you want to transfer everything to Wifi).
For the first time in my life I encountered such a delusional system, which by default produces a reflection of the image on the router.
Although everything was done strictly according to the manual, as a result, the flash from the disk did not work, no, no brik - if the web interface was completely destroyed by incorrect installation of the language (or rather, it was NOT installed, because the latest firmware versions work differently with the language, but the installer was not ready for this on the disk), because of which no function worked and was not written in the web-js js scripts, and there was no text at all. Teaches the same fate to do everything by hand, but no, I hurried ...
Shamanism with Google, a tambourine and pressing a reset button for 60 seconds and two reboots with a clip, led to the firmware recovery mode from scratch, which I certainly restored via tftp on the secret port (if memory does not change 69th) of this hardware.
But in vain I was happy, the dances did not end there ...

Rooter, then, left ...

No, of course not as incurable left as some Linksys, but also unpleasant.
With the old firmware, the router is unstable, the network slows down, the connections are periodically completely broken (well, just Linksys).
It was necessary to upgrade and there is a problem: in the new firmware, the SIP ALG curve is turned on by default, which completely breaks VoIP communication through this router, but for some reason forgot to enter the disable functionality (or rather did not forget, but commented out in the code, and it is not clear why, because looks quite working).
Where to go, look for telnet access ... and it is not included! Fortunately, we learned a long time ago how to enable telnet access on similar Netgear systems, the telnetEnable.exe utility is responsible for this.
We download the utility, for example, from here and use it approximately as follows on a computer with access to the router:

telnetEnable.exe 00FF00FF00FF Gearguy Geardog

where the first program name, the 2nd IP address of the router, the 3rd MAC address (you can find out through arp -a or in the router itself in the Router Status), the 4th login and password
In my example, everything is by default, except for the MAC address.
As a result, we can proceed to ...

System as expected busybox + openwrt + ash.
And then a simple operation:

/ usr / sbin / nvram set wan_endis_sipalg = 1
/ usr / sbin / nvram commit

and you can restart the router, now the filthy modules will not start (ip_conntrack_sip_alg ip_nat_sip).
Consider telnet again, you will need to turn it on manually (using the above method) and one more thing: the router changes its MAC address when the firmware is changed.
Hope this helps someone.

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