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Twitter has changed CEO

Twitter CEO Evan Williams (@ Ev , right ) announced his resignation from his post.

New CEO will be Dick Costolo (@ dickc , left ), who has held the position of COO (Executive Director) for a year and is known as the founder of FeedBurner. According to Williams, Costolo will be able to work more effectively with the new top management team, which includes Ali Rougani, Adam Bane, Mike Abbott, Katie Stanton and Kevin Zow.

Williams wants to concentrate entirely on developing Twitter’s product strategy.
It's funny that Costolo, famous in theatrical comedies, became the following tweet after becoming COO Twitter in September 2009:

First full day as Twitter COO tomorrow. Task # 1: undermine CEO, consolidate power.
( Tomorrow, the first day as a COO. Task number 1: sit down the CEO, usurp power. )

He wrote about his new assignment:

So * that's * what you get.
( That's * what * you need to do to get more followers. )

This permutation initially introduced some confusion. It was not clear how Williams’s position would now be called, who would become the new COO and what would happen to Jason Goldman, vice president of products.

It turned out that Williams will now simply be called a “co-founder” - like Bees Stone, the position of COO will simply be abolished, and Goldman will remain the vice-president for products - now she will simply work together with Williams.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105620/

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