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Android client for piter.fm and moskva.fm

Good day.
So, it took about a month from the moment I decided to try to write something for the Android platform. For a long time, there was a lack of a real apparatus and a lack of free time. The blessing appeared not so long ago, and the time became more. After some deliberation, an idea came up to write a client application for all of our favorite sites http://piter.fm and http://moskva.fm . The application decided to write not for the sake of something, but the fact that it really was not enough, at least to me. I remind you that http://piter.fm and http://moskva.fm are sites where you can listen not only to the St. Petersburg and Moscow radio stations, but also to listen to it in the recording. It was decided to make the application as simple and convenient as possible, without unnecessary features and frills. At the moment, the possibility of listening to only the live broadcast of a radio station. For the application to work, you must have an SD card and the Internet.

I propose to see what came of it.


Link http://narod.ru/disk/25714978000/PiterFM.apk.html
Link on brand t - market: // search? Q = pname: ru.piter.fm
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Waiting for feedback, suggestions and critics. Thank.

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