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Open letter to the Yandex.Mail team, six months later


A little more than half a year ago, on March 17, 2010, I wrote a topic on Habré An open letter to the Yandex.Mail team , in which I outlined a number of problems with Yandex mail (first of all, a non-working search). The topic turned out to be resonant (140 comments), and representatives of Yandex were included in the discussion, who promised to fix almost all the problems that were affected in the near future. I think many will be interested in what has really changed in these six months.

Just in case, I inform you that I am sitting on a new (neo2), superinnovative, Yandex.Mail interface. Let's go through the list:

In general, a summary. An innovative interface is being developed in the mail. Everything is on AJAX and it works fast. True, not without glitches (for example, the number of unread letters in the menu on the left is often not updated), but this is excusable for the beta version. There (for the time being, however, only in the old neo) a bunch of new chips were added (such as parsing a letter for calendar events). All this looks cool, until you come across annoying flaws and frank bugs in the main email functionality.

Let everyone draws conclusions himself, but for now I’ll think about transferring the topic to the blog I’m migrating .


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105618/

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