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Open Chrome Apps Developer Contest


Hi, Habrasoobschestvo!

Interest in the Google Chrome browser is growing every day, there are more and more happy users. Google is developing this great product so rapidly that Chrome 7 promises a 60 times speed increase!
However, Google Chrome is not only a cute and fast browser, but also an excellent research and experiment lab. I'm sure many have seen incredible browser capabilities in working with HTML5 and Extensions.

It was recently announced that Chrome Web Store will be launched soon for Chrome Apps.
Since this is a new topic, the GTUG community, with the support of Google, is holding an open competition on Chrome Apps. The main information resource here .

Google is involved, which means that the winners will get great prizes; And some projects may be invited to Google Developer Day 2010!

The theme of the competition: “Time is the main resource”.
An application that will save the user more time will be the first! This may be an emphasis on optimizing the code of a frequently visited site, regrouping sections of the site, or just an improvement in design with a focus on usability - and, perhaps, all together!

Google specialists working on parts of Chrome are working in St. Petersburg, so the final will be held in St. Petersburg, and Google projects will, of course, evaluate the projects. Keep in mind that on the main topic the projects will be evaluated from the point of view of a regular Google Chrome user!

The first place will receive the main prize - a laptop and Android-phone !
This time there is no 2nd and 3rd places!
But there will be two additional nominations, which will be announced after the main award. Only the jury knows additional nominations, so everyone can become a winner. Winners in these categories will receive a prize - Android-phone .

The terms of participation:

1. This should be the Chrome App. Please note that extensions for Chrome and Chrome App are not the same;)
2. Fill out an application for participation in the competition, no later than October 15 inclusive.
3. Send a presentation of the project and developed by the Chrome app to comp@russia-gtug.ru, no later than October 24 inclusive.
4. On demofeste will be 5 minutes. to demonstrate the work done and 5 min. to answer questions.
5. If the developer cannot attend the demofest personally, the best way out is to find a like-minded person in SPB GTUG who can make a presentation!

A demofest and award ceremony will take place on October 26, 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm at one of the Ingria Business Incubator sites in St. Petersburg.

Anyone who has filled out an application for participation can come to the demos. That is, if for some reason the project did not reach the demofest, look at the work of others, you can.

Where to look for tutorials for creating applications:

1. code.google.com/intl/ru-RU/chrome/apps/docs/developers_guide.html
2. code.google.com/intl/ru/chrome/apps
3. londonwebstorenight.appspot.com
4. londonwebstorenight.appspot.com/webstore/countdown/index.html
5. html5rocks.com
6. habrahabr.ru/blogs/google_chrome/98209
7. habrahabr.ru/blogs/google_chrome/95642
8. habrahabr.ru/company/softline/blog/104848

Since the competition is remote and we will see you only at the final, it is difficult to assess the level of activity on the project. There is a small recommendation for the participants: blogging will help assess the activity of the work, the dynamics of development and just keep up to date with those who are interested in your project. A blog in 2 minutes can be done here .

Please decide on a blog before filling out the application! The list of blogs will be here .

The competition is open, to participate it is not necessary to be an activist in the GTUG community, it is not necessary to work in a team with other developers, it is not necessary to live in St. Petersburg or come to the final! In general, one thing is important - it should be the Chrome App! =)

I am sure that Moscow , St. Petersburg and the rest of the Russian GTUG groups will take an active part.

Good luck!

Arkady Khachkovanyan, set112gm@gmail.com
organizer spb / moscow / russia-gtug.ru , @russiagtug #rugtug

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