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runkit 1.0.2

Nothing foreshadowed anything (s)

After 5 years of silence and lack of development, the runkit delivered a new version (even two) and, potentially, a new maintener ( dzenovich ).

While in the official pecl-repository it is missing, but when it stopped us:
pecl install github.com/downloads/zenovich/runkit/runkit-1.0.2.tgz

The project code is located at: github.com/zenovich/runkit .

For those who do not know, runkit is a magic thing that allows you to change the PHP code on the fly. In addition, he can run the PHP code in a separate environment, creating a cozy " sandbox" that does not make the "oh" main code (for this you need to build PHP with support for threads, ie --enable-maintainer-zts for configure) .
What's new is added:

You can relate to runtime code replacement in different ways, but the presence of a tool is better than its absence. Of the applications that immediately come to mind: the replacement of moka and stubs, dot edits in the insides of libraries.

UPD: The text was supplemented and corrected, thus the legendary, and sometimes even the red banner, dzenovich .
UPD2: PHPDaemon runkit usage example . There is also a small description of the runkit features.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105610/

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