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Torrent + network marketing

Good day!
I want to share with habrchanami news that comprehended my media get project.
First, we added additional trackers to the search, added a detailed description of the distribution at the search stage, added black lists of ip and pretty much worked on the stability of the application.
Secondly, we launched the website mgshare.com , in which we accumulate information about downloads that our users share with friends.
It looks like this:

That is, when the user clicks "Share" in the Media Get client on the selected distribution, he will be generated such a link to the site
mgshare.com/index.php?view=torrent&id=58212 , which he can pass on to his friend, who knows nothing about torrents!

And he can be sure that the user is downloading the torrent. After all, now our loader for Media Get will take care of this.
How it works: at the stage of downloading information about the torrent to the server, it is assigned a unique identifier by which the loader climbs into the database gets the necessary information, installs the Media Get and launches the corresponding torrent for downloading.
Here is such a simple scheme. As a result, we took one more step to make friends with the torrent of the most inveterate housewives and punched lamers.

Separately, I would like to talk about monetization. We have entered into a partnership agreement with our colleagues from the company Yandex and put (if desired) together with our torrent client their toolbar. It’s too early to talk about the results, but we expect to recoup thereby the cost of advertising, and we buy enough of it, providing about 20 thousand daily installations of the torrent client.

Well, the last moment, combining the charms of the loader and the presence of the monetization scheme. We run an affiliate program for everyone to participate in the distribution of our torrent client.
We are ready to pay 50 kopeks for each client installation.
You can do this in any way convenient for you: for example, just send traffic to an official site with your ref media-get.ru/welcome?ref_id=rocketman . Or using the opportunity to "share" torrents via mgshare.com you have the right to choose for yourself how best to act.
For active users of trekkers, we have developed creative user bars (you can find them on our forum), with the help of which you can get a “penny” by advertising a client from your signature on the forum.
Do not take it as a requirement for action =) I just described how and for what money we are going to spread to the whole world.
If you want to discuss the possibility of cooperation, I will be glad to do it in private communication channels!

I wish you all success in your work and creativity!

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