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Love, Peace and Uncomputable Functions

Let's think about what is knowledge in this world? And how does this relate to love and turing?

everything can at least be divided into two worlds - expressed by words and inexpressible.

An example of the first is any statement based on well-known definitions. An example of the second is something hmm ... esoteric. For example, love - mankind has an insane amount of years trying to answer the questions “what is it?”, And everything turns out differently for everyone and is almost always true - love has so many manifestations and they are all infinitely diverse. love is something that is deeper than all manifestations, deeper than any relationships, opinions, words - this is something and in another way humanity can not yet describe it.

Open the book on the yoga sutra. Find there also “something” - “the true Self.” There again some descriptions of the external manifestations of this “I” occur, but it is not called and does not describe what it is. In the same books they write that it is inexpressible. And they will be right.
Any definition is essentially partly recursive functions that, when they receive something as an input, say "whether it fits the definition or not or to what extent."

But there are such things that everyone will consider each in his own way, for which it is impossible to give definitions, etc. and so they are all indefinable in some sense. If you look at the definition in more detail, it almost always generates just partially recursive functions, because it can say that it is an object referred to in the definition, but it can not always say the opposite - that it is not.

Because of the heredity of partial recursiveness, we get two such areas of science - the natural sciences and the humanities. Natural science has at its base, albeit intuitive definitions, but they are nevertheless accurate. Those. we can always say something is set or not. (and in fact everything is a lot), and above all this everything is being built.

Thus, we came to the conclusion that love and many other fuzzy concepts are non-computable functions and that the whole world is constantly trying to understand the essence of the same object.

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