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12seconds.tv says goodbye to users

At the end of 2008, I stumbled on for 12 seconds - a social web service, the trick of which was for users to record and upload videos, fitting their message in 12 seconds. It was necessary to record the video on the webcam via the flash plugin in the browser; It was not possible to load a previously recorded video (this function appeared later - like many other features). In general, a cross between twitter with its 140 character limit and a dailybooth with an emphasis on using a webcam.

The service was implemented in a “stylish, fashionable, youthful ” web-design: modern and minimalistic design, integration with twitter, facebook, qik (mobile video streaming service), tags, widgets, rss, geolocation, built-in URL shortening, and of course the social component - subscription to other users, comments, favorites and so on. I appreciated the idea, registered and even tried to publish something, but quickly realized that the 12-second video is not the most convenient format for me to express, and Russian-speaking users are sparse, so I scored for this service, reading email from time to time newsletter.

Yesterday I received a letter stating that on October 22, 12 seconds would be closed. The founder of the project, Sol Lipman, does not indicate a specific reason, but stresses that this is by no means a failure and compares the life of his startup (which, by the way, never came out of beta) with an interestingly lived life, with a pleasant journey, which no less, came to an end. He also reports that this week will be released a special application with which users can save all their videos.
The original farewell letter can now be read on the main page: 12seconds.tv
Under the cut a few screenshots.

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