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Skype acquired Cisco top manager

The notorious Internet telephony service invited Tony Bates (Tony Bates) to the post of CEO, which the company announced on Monday.

Bates is a former top Cisco, which is known no less than Skype. At Cisco, Bates has been working and supporting providers.

The new director owns nine patents and the title of “Expert in the field of IT”, according to Skype. In addition, he served on the boards of directors of several companies related to video and voice technologies, such as YouTube, TokBox, BubbleMotion and LoveFilm.

Skype in August conducted the first public issue and released $ 100 million worth of shares to the market . In the same statement, the company noted that Skype received $ 406 million from sales in 2010. The number of users was 560 million, which is 41% more than last year.
However, only 8 million users are solvent out of 124 million of those who use Skype at least once a month.

By the way, at the beginning of last month there were rumors that Cisco was going to buy Skype. The TechCrunch blog, citing a source who believes it is reliable, said that Cisco had submitted a bid to buy Skype before the latter had released the stock.

Cisco is not the only IT giant to announce its interest in Skype. Google is also rumored to have considered the option of buying a service, but possible attacks by antitrust authorities led the search giant away from making this decision.

Although there was such a precedent with Skype: in 2005, eBay auction bought the company for $ 2.6 billion. Ebay bought Skype, intending to use it to establish a service for interaction between sellers and buyers, but everything went wrong as planned in eBay and then the latter sold the company last year for $ 2.75 billion to a certain group of investors, led by the private investment company Silver Lake Partners.

Skype has recently achieved significant success in the communications market. In particular, he made a deal with Verizon Wireless, allowing Verizon customers to use Skype, instead of more expensive Verizon calls, for some of the total voice calls.

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