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DDR3 high capacity for servers

Apacer introduces energy efficient server memory.
High-capacity DDR3 (8GB) designed for cloud computing. Thanks to a perfect manufacturing process and innovative design, energy consumption is reduced by 20%.

The wide spread of "cloud computing" in the world has led to the fact that data centers have become huge virtual servers that need significant computing power to process large amounts of data. In such a situation, memory performance optimization becomes an urgent issue.

We present you the 8 GB DDR3 ECC Registered DIMM RAM, designed for use in servers. The novelty operates at a frequency of 1333 MHz, providing servers with high bandwidth.

Apacer's latest DDR3 ECC Registered DIMM RAM is available in modules up to 8 GB and features advanced memory chips, which increases server stability at maximum speed. In this new product allows you to reduce energy consumption by 20%, which is a good addition to all its advantages. The presented DDR3 RAM has been thoroughly tested for reliability and full compatibility with Intel Xeon 5600 (three-channel) and AMD Opteron 6000 (four-channel) dual-processor server platforms. "

Having taken a strong position in the server module market many years ago, Apacer offered many new products for the RAM used in servers. Apacer memory modules undergo various complex tests (for example, testing in various temperature conditions, as well as stress tests and actual testing on motherboards). In addition, Apacer products received an Intel CMTL compatibility certificate, which ensures their full compatibility with the communication and server environment. Apacer's commitment to quality ensures the stability and compatibility of the modules produced by the company and makes this memory the best choice for corporate customers.

Price: 8GB - $ 360.

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