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Marketing audit site as meeting common sense with chaos

Isn't that a weird name? I would like to ask the author what it would mean if he did not smoke anything reprehensible before the arrival of the muse? But since I am the author, I will answer for him.
This is poetry. She is intentionally stuck in the name and that’s why:
1. To emphasize that without poetic perception one can hardly understand the world, in the sense of engaging in auditing.
2. To try to stick a visitor who tries to leave the site (you, that is). A little bit of a paradox, a hint of a not boring, stupid phrase “I am the author and I will answer for him” - so I fixed you at the screen. I guess?
3. To quietly set the atmosphere. The task was to slip into the subconscious the word "common sense". So that in this subconscious you have slowly made associations “aha ... common sense .... it means I understand ... it may not be necessary to strain .... damn, I don’t want to be loaded ... but it’s necessary ... what if it's true, it’s written in Russian, without Ponte .. ”
You just do not be angry that you are sculpted to the screen almost with scotch, and spud, just like potatoes - you are a visitor, otherwise it is impossible. Otherwise, you will leave the site, and we will not see you again. Do you need this? Not!
You need to stock up with scotch yourself, and glue the visitors to your site already. And for this we need to be friends, but who else will teach you the art of fixing a freedom-loving visitor?

But, on the other hand, what are sites of the beginning of the century, if not chaos? Naturally chaos! So the name is not so tight for the ears.
In short, this is actually an article about what an audit is.

What is an audit
I must say that under the unsuccessful term “marketing audit of the site” everyone understands what he wants. Rather, everyone understands that he can.
Someone can measure technical parameters - quoting, indexability, registrability, etc. - he believes that this is an audit. He will convince you: "the main thing is that the site is well hung."
Somebody draws well since childhood, so he will try to tell you that you need to research the site on the subject of beauty, that it is unprecedented beauty that lures visitors to the site, and being under its narcotic influence, they will put the most expensive goods in the basket.
We also have a hypertrophied body - common sense, so we are beating our line - the main thing is, they say, let the idea go ahead so that the site meets the objectives of the business and so that it can work on these tasks. It is good if it is also pleasant to the eye, which, however, does not affect the speed.
In short, our research design is expressed in such a chain of questions:
- why do you need a website, what should it do
- why the existing site does not do this
- what it should be to do
- what's going on in the Internet in your topic
- what to do to take your place in the network
This work ends not with intellectual conversations like "on the one hand ... but on the other hand ...", but with practical instructions, what and how to correct, or even build from scratch.

Site like Christmas tree garland
You thought that the garland is such a thing that all sparkles and flashes with colored lights? May be.
But we meant something else. Garland is a chain with a serial connection. If only one light bulb is broken, the whole circuit does not work. There are no lights, no sparkling. The holiday is spoiled.
That's the site. All items must be intact. Let them be executed not in the most brilliant way, but in good order! Otherwise, it just does not work. The dog will go down the tail with an exclusive design and a touching introduction. “Welcome to our company website. We are just super! "
Therefore, we insist that all the “light bulbs” should be checked and the non-working ones should be replaced.
And here is the first one. This "Greetings to you ..." will have to be thrown away. Talk about yourself, beloved, drive away the visitor. Well, he does not want to read this. Yes, he took a sip of drunken air of freedom and does not want to.
Internet as an area of ​​freedom, even permissiveness
Why is it so important to check everything? The fact is that the world of the Internet is cruel and terrible. Just tame peasants or housewives, having come on the Internet, even by dialing, are instantly reborn. They begin to feel completely free. Permissiveness has reached the point that at any moment they are ready to leave your site. At the same time without experiencing the slightest remorse, and without saying thanks. Do you understand what kind of people they are?
In order to leave the site, they use any clue - something is unclear, something is long written, something they could not find, lost in navigation, etc.
And 3 seconds allotted for reflection, have already expired. With a sarcastic smile, they mumble: "You did not use your chance," and they press a button. Opa-on, and they are no longer there. They have twenty alternative tabs openly.
Therefore, we check everything.

And what is it all? So do not drive horses - read on.

Targets and goals
The main thing is that it does not work out that a good site performs well a badly invented task. However, badly invented tasks are progress. This is an opportunity from “bad” to try to do “good”. Usually there is no any.
You just do not be angry, gentlemen businessmen, but on your corporate sites you can find anything, but not determination. You look at the main page and you do not understand what the owner wants. Do you really tell me the news that "The municipal authorities of Perm are planning to build a new building at the expense of the funds ..."? Not? Do you have any relation to Perm or buildings? Why did you put this news in the center of the main page? Riddle, in one word.
Once you have endured it, gentlemen, I will say even worse. If you go to the sales department for inquiry, ask them: “if you don’t know what the site’s goals are, tell me what the company’s goals are and what it wants?”. They are silent. Or say the type of "world peace."

We need to build such a chain:
- these are the company's goals
- that's how we project them onto the site
- that's what we want the site to do
- this is how a visitor should behave.
It is a little more complicated than it looks, but TOGETHER we can formulate.
In parallel, we cut off the illusions and determine what to expect from the site, and what he can not give in any way.
Somewhere here we will see how sites are made by smart people who also sell gingerbread. And take a positive experience to note. It is important to distinguish the wise from those who are just like.

As a result, we will get some BENCHMARK - an idea of ​​what the site should be, how it should work. It remains only to check how the existing site is able to perform this work.

It is necessary to find out whether the site works at all, for a holiday of work, or precisely for the goals set. Only performance is considered here. We will not be distracted by questions about whether the main page is beautiful, and Leo Tolstoy wrote texts. We simply diagnose “it works — it doesn't work”. Whether Zaporozhets "on the go", or Mercedes without wheels.
Specifically - go through the list:
• Site concept. Fundamentally consistent with the goals or not?
• Information structure and navigation. Is the information properly structured? Does navigation provide easy and intuitive navigation through the site?
• Construction. The page system is correctly set, are the main pages organized correctly?
• Home Page. Is it organized correctly?
• Composition. Is there anything on the site? Is it possible to find?
But this is all a technique. The most important thing is how the visitor behaves when he hits the site. Therefore, we must consider the so-called "usability". In fact, this word means something like "user convenience". But here we are more interested in the forecast, how the user will behave when he is not very comfortable. This is also usability.
At this stage, we focused on the question “it works - it doesn't work”, and deliberately did not pay attention to the quality and nuances, in order not to be distracted and not to confuse entities.
We consider quality separately.

Here we are talking about how the site is executed in the sense of decoration. Frankly, we are not very hung up on quality. Much here is determined by the taste and cultural environment. Some people like the speed “Sir, I have the honor to offer ...”, and someone is easily limited to formulas like “flock”. Therefore, the analysis is the shortest. Considered direct obvious errors and fundamental points that significantly affect the performance. Namely:
Visual design:
• overall impression
• is there a feeling of samopal
• whether there is a fundamental discrepancy to the image of the enterprise.
• fit for purpose
• comprehensibility and readability
• size and how much is superfluous
• style and case (overall acceptability assessment)
• layout
Usability Now from the point of view of convenience.

What is there on the Internet
While we are sitting there, something is happening on the Internet. Someone is looking for “Tula gingerbread” on request, and someone is looking for “gingerbread from Tula”. Their thousands, wanting gingerbread. And someone else, our competitor, has been selling these cakes for a long time from the site. And hosting it is already smoking from scurrying interactive forms like “order gingerbread”. There are dozens of them who want to sell. And our site is hanging somewhere. Does anyone visit him or not? What is happening there?
So, our task is to clarify. What is asked about our topic? What is offered? Let's call it "analysis of demand, supply and competition on the Internet."
Having a real picture, we will be able to soberly plan a company to attract visitors.
For example, the task “first place in Google, in Florida, in July, at the request of 'air conditioning'” we will not solve. Well, there is now no free money, buy a controlling stake in Google.

This article, presented in plain language, was supposed to express a few thoughts.
What a good site to do is not hali-gali.
That in this business you should always think first and then do.
What you need to think from all sides, and not from any one side, otherwise the site will not work.
What is better to give this work to professionals. Or at least consult.

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