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about tricky ATM

At the weekend I went to Megu. Removed money at an ATM UniCredit, and bills did not get out. Strange, there was no warning. On the check was “NO MONEY WAS DISPENSED”. It turned out that the signal to vigilance is a burning yellow LED at the hole for issuing rustling happiness. As it turned out later, the amount was first blocked, and after a few days it was written off from my account.

For 5 minutes, about 10 people came to withdraw money at this beautiful ATM. As much as I could, I scared so much away, which aroused serious suspicions in the security of the shopping center. As a result, he built a prohibitive plate from a roll with checks.

I really wonder why block the amount and write off money when there are no bills in the ATM? Sneaking thoughts that this is not a software shortage, but a feature to raise funds for the victims of the crisis.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105577/

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