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How customers are bred for SEO (response to email optimizers)

Last Sunday on Habré appeared the topic " Open letter sucker to site optimizers ." We could not pass by and wrote an answer.

We are site optimizers, seo-shniki, which certainly turns us into scammers in the eyes of most habrizhiteli.
ZotovSergey , apparently, received spam. No one likes spam. It would seem, delete and forget, but the irony is that at first you really can’t wait for a detailed proposal from the optimizers.

In this post we will tell you what it’s worth and what you shouldn’t expect from optimizers before and after entering into an agreement.

Site analysis

A full analysis of your website and business is a job that no one will do for free. As tvv correctly noted , the situation in the SEO market is such that the competition is high and there are many potential customers. This means that optimizers constantly prepare compromises for potential customers, and not all of them become customers. If every compromise includes, say, an audit of usability and an SEO audit of the site - the optimizers will be engaged only in compromises until the end of their days, there will be fewer clients and the company will become unprofitable.

Site audit is a separate service with a separate cost. The maximum that the optimizer can do before entering into a contract is to evaluate the site's visibility by search engines as a whole, without analyzing the causes of possible problems. In other words, he will summarize brief statistics: the number of pages to be indexed, the presence in directories, etc.

Financial guarantee

You should not expect a 100% financial guarantee from the optimizer. If someone offers you these conditions, then he is confident in his success. But success is a relative concept. Read the contract, it is possible, seo-Schnick will bring the site, for example, to the 50th place on one request out of ten and say that the result has been achieved.

An honest guarantee is when you are promised that, according to 6 requests from 10, the site will be in the top 10 in three months. This is an adequate prediction and doable task. (If this is not a plastic window request, then half a year is not enough to get close to the top 10.)

If you are offered faster - your site risks being banned for black promotion methods, and even a site in the top will not last long if it was “brought to the top in 3 days”.

Payment on the fact

Ideally, you pay after sales. If you have an online store - it is enough to track where the buyer came from. If you take orders by phone, you need to place a special phone number on the site and track calls. A more advanced option is to use solutions like Reklamer and Adscontrol . If you are not ready to track sales, you pay for positions and traffic.

The catch is that often you will still be charged a prepayment or monthly subscription fee. You might think that you are simply being dragged by money, and you pay for nothing. In fact, the fact is that optimizers simply cannot start working without investments.

To bring the site to 6 requests from 10 for 3 months - budgets are needed. And besides the remuneration of employees, a significant part of the budget is the purchase of paid links, i.e. money that optimizers never see again.

Thus, if with someone the optimizer works with payment after the fact, it means that for the first three months he promotes the site at his own expense. Therefore, it is good if another part of clients still covers these costs. If you are offered super-advantageous pay-as-you-go conditions, then this may turn out to be a hoax. The website can be promoted by dummy requests or traffic can be wound - as a result, you will not receive any increase in sales.

Like it or not, but to optimize the site we need investments, and from the very beginning.

Who then believe?

First of all - his head. Check out several offers on the market before ordering a promotion.

If you contact an SEO company with a request to send a proposal, a normal office will make a compromise for you, in which, at a minimum, there will be a list of search queries for which your website will be promoted.

Optimizers are unlikely to tell you how to promote the site on their own, although this is not a big secret. There are books by Ashmanov (a famous Internet guru), by Sevostyanov (our General) - I don’t want to promote. The key point is experience and practice. The mechanisms of ranking sites by search engines change constantly, so you need to constantly “be on the topic” in order not to lose positions and not get banned.

With a transparent scheme of the SEO-company, you will know what you are paying for - for example, for the purchase of links and pay for optimizers. As a rule, the client is given the freedom to determine the budget, together with the optimizers, he chooses by which requests he will promote the site. The contractor limits only the lower limit of the budget (our, for example, is 15,000 rubles per month) - otherwise the costs are not paid off by the optimizers or the customer.

If you decide to sign a contract - study it carefully. Specify what is meant by "result", "hit in the top 10", "targeted traffic".

UPD bes_internal also recommends finding out “what will mean the output to the top on requests. If the conclusion is the main one, then it is not always useful, because the conversion is reduced if the person does not get on demand for a specific product.

Require logins and passwords along with a list of sites and directories where your site is registered. If this is not done, it will be difficult to find the burned bridges after changing the optimizer or changing your details. ”

Possible "pitfalls" are briefly described in the presentation .

The main thing is to decide for yourself whether you can trust the contractor.

Hopefully, the post will help those interested in choosing an SEO company, and the rest will be just interesting.

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