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What is Habrahabr?

Today we have prepared something special - the release of Runetology with Denis Kryuchkov, the creator of Habrahabr.

Do not wait for revelations and disclosures habrasekret. The program is interesting to others - for the first time you will see how Habr sees his administration. What are the author's ideas about his own offspring, how would he like to see him, and how Denis has a relationship with his completely independent creation.

After all, like all social media in recent years, Habrahabr was created by chance, grew apart from the will of the authors and in general became something that no one expected. This is clearly seen in the program - every time Kryuchkov replies "I don't know, somehow it happened."
So what happened? Team blog? News site? Social media? Social network? MMORPG?

See and decide for yourself.

We remind you that the video version of the Runetology program has been released since the summer of 2010 with the support of StartupIndex . All issues are available on our website in a special section .

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105567/

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